Get Caught Philly

The Get Caught Philly Story

Behind Get Caught Philly is an awesome and extremely dedicated team, hailing from all sorts of places and spaces — Australia, Denmark, USA, Brazil, Argentina, England, Switzerland, India and the Philippines. We’ve studied communications, marketing, computer sciences, economics, statistics, product design, drone-pilotry, archery and fashion design.

We’re passionate about what we do. We’re a technology company, but we believe that people come first. We have a culture based on talent, passion, ingenuity, fun and determination. And with a large global problem to solve – we’re only just getting started.

Back when we founded Get Caught Philly we were constantly frustrated by the difficulty of sharing brand imagery and products with media, retailer and influencer networks. And then came a moment when it became clear that the problem wasn’t just our own. It was happening millions of times a day, in companies all over the world.

There were too many incredible and useful assets living in the dark corners of the emails and hard drives of publicists and brand owners. And there was absolutely no way for media to access images on-demand in order to satisfy their ever-shrinking lead times. On the flip side, when brands and PR’s distributed their images they had no visibility and insights on who downloaded their content and how effective it was.

Hello, Get Caught Philly.